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April 1966
Company Incorporated (at)
April 1990
Started full-scale research on Ortho products centered around B12
April 1994
Developed and launched Ortho24
Presented research on Ortho in Japan and overseas, and received some great response
January 1995
Developed and launched Super Ortho
April 1995
Received a letter of appreciation from Ashiya City for our support of relief supplies (Ortho 24 Super Ortho) in the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
May 1997
Developed and launched Rainbow Ortho
January 1998
Developed and launch of Ortho Gold Extract
May 1998
Developed and launched of New Rainbow Ortho
A lecture was given to Yoshiyuki Kono, who was involved in the Matsumoto Sarin attack, at a product launch event.
May 1999
launched renewal version of Gold Extract
July 2002
Developed and launched Rainbow Ortho DX
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