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Japan Ortho Co.,Ltd. was established with the aim to develop nutritional supplements based on the theory of Ortho-molecular psychiatry.
This is the reason why “Ortho” is being used in the name of the company and products.

Correctional psychiatry is a new medical theory that combines treatment and prevention, advocated by the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Linus Carl Pauling.
The aim is to maintain and improve health by improving metabolism and other factors through adequate intake of the various nutrients necessary for physical and mental health, and by enhancing the inherent immunity and natural healing power of humans.
(The dietary today is focused on the body, but not the brain. Most healthy food and supplements are either for the body or even drugs that claim to improve diseases.)

Based on this theory, Japan Ortho focused on the function of vitamin B12 as a nutrient that activates the brain, which is the source of the human body’s life and mental activities. Based on extensive research data, Japan Ortho has developed Ortho products.
Ortho products contain more than 1500 micrograms of vitamin B12 per day with more than 30 kinds of nutrients, made according to the theory and manufacturing method unique to Japan Ortho.

Ortho products are designed to restore the function of the brain, which declines through aging and stress.
By enhancing the function of the brain, which is the control tower of the body, we can maximize the homeostasis of the body.
To this end, Ortho products are the best selection of vitamin B12 and the other three essential elements for the brain: nutrients, callopeptide, and MO liquid. The "Synergies of the three elements" is the greatest characteristic of Ortho.

Vitamin B12

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Since the discovery of the vitamin as a specific medicine for pernicious anemia, it has been called "Red Vitamin" due to its vivid color.
Since then, its role in the functions of the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system has attracted attention as a "neuro-vitamin". It has also been found to play a major role in activating the immune system. It is a vitamin that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years because of its wide range of functions.

Also, excluding a very few exceptions, vitamin B12 is only present in animal food products, which can cause a deficiency in extreme vegetarians.

Main Functions

  1. Prevents pernicious anemia
    Vitamin B12 works with folic acid to help make red blood cells and prevent pernicious anemia.
  2. Maintain the function of the nervous system
    This supplement helps the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acid in nerve cells and makes the nerve system function normally.
  3. Enhance the ability to concentrate


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It is a Peptide extracted from the Northern fur seal muscle by a special method and is said to be the best protein source with high protein value containing 18 kinds of amino-acid (contain all the essential amino acids).
Since ancient times, fur seal meat has been highly valued as a strong stimulant, and there is a record that it has been also used by Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Recently, fur seals are protected under the International Convention for the Protection of Wild Fauna and Flora, and fishing by ordinary fishermen is prohibited under Japanese law. A small number of seals are caught for the purpose of resource research and sold to private companies.

Callopeptide provides a much better function of physiological activity compared to other peptides.

Callopeptide Amino acid composition
Amino acid content w/w%
Arginine 3.57 Isoleucine 2.95 Glutamic Acid 9.78
Lysine 5.84 Methionine 1.75 Serine 2.45
Histidine 1.76 Valine 3.57 Threonine 3.07
Phenylalanine 2.41 Alanine 5.04 Aspartic Acid 5.56
Tyrosine 1.78 Glycine 4.47 Tryptophan 0.29
Leucine 6.64 Proline 3.38 Cystine 0.17

Main Functions

  1. It dilates capillaries and promotes metabolism.
    (It is highly effective in enhancing the function of the neonate and increasing the vitality of aging and diseased tissues)
  2. It lowers blood pressure.
  3. It is effective in restoring liver function and increases detoxification.
  4. Analgesic effect.
  5. Beauty effect.
    (Vasodilator action - blood circulation improvement - metabolism of the skin activates - cornification phenomenon is smoothly carried out. It makes the skin elastic and moisturized.)
  6. Anti-aging effect.
    (It is effective to activate the function of cells and keep them young. Eskimos, who live on fur seals, have less arteriosclerosis and cerebral infarction.)

MO Liquid

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The main ingredient is catechin, which has intermediate between water-soluble (soluble in water) and fat-soluble (soluble in fat). It also contains mixed plant extracts, water-soluble vitamins, etc., and is a special liquid with excellent antioxidant properties and deodorant effect.
Bad oxygen is also generated when white blood cells fight bacteria entering the body. Living conditions and daily habits, such as ultraviolet light, exhaust gas, tobacco, stress, and some food, will further increase the amount of bad oxygen generated in the body.

This bad oxygen is called "Reactive Oxygen".
As we explored the mechanisms of aging and cancer, we learned that this "Reactive Oxygen" is deeply related.

Among the various biological regulatory functions of MO liquid, the most noteworthy are its anti-aging and anti-cancer effects. At the same time, our bodies are equipped with a substance that rapidly removes reactive oxygen. It is also called "Scavenger (cleaner)" in the sense of cleaning reactive oxygen. One of them is vitamin E. MO liquid has 30 times as much power as vitamin E.

Catechin is a kind of polyphenol and an astringent contained in green tea.
It has antioxidant and antibacterial effects, and during the outbreak of O-157 infection, its bactericidal effect attracted attention and became a topic of conversation.
Catechin is soluble in both water and fat, therefore it can exert its power anywhere in the body.

Main Functions

  1. Antioxidant Effect
  2. Antibacterial Action, improvement of intestinal environment
  3. Deodorizing Action
  4. Reactive oxygen scavenging action
  5. Inhibition of cholesterol elevation
  6. Inhibitory effect on hyperglycemia
  7. Inhibitory effect on blood pressure elevation
  8. Anti-tumor activity
  9. Allergy
  10. Inhibition of platelet aggregation
  11. UV absorption
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Japan Ortho Co.,Ltd.
Hiroshi Tamura, General Manager, Biochemistry Laboratory

Because it's a supplement that promotes alternative medicine that is not found in other health foods.

Organisms have biological homeostasis, and when properly maintained, healthy bodies are maintained.
Nerves, hormones, and immunity are involved in homeostasis.
Therefore, it is necessary to activate the nervous system, adjust hormone secretion properly, and enhance immunity.
It is also important to improve blood circulation because hormones and immune cells are carried by blood.

Ortho consists of three main components including vitamin B12, callopeptide and MO liquid, and helps to maintain natural homeostasis by increasing natural healing power.

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There is a new method called Correctional psychiatry (Ortho Molecular Medical Science).
It is a medical science that considers living organisms at the molecular level, cures diseases by the nutritional balance of cells such as vitamins and minerals, and maintains healthy bodies.
"Ortho Products" are made based on this.
Lifestyle-related diseases cannot be completely cured by medicine or surgery.
Because all diseases are caused by the degeneration of the body itself.
Just by improving your diet, you can reduce heart disease by 30% and reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol easily.
Health foods should help people survive by enhancing their natural healing powers.
Organic compounds, the basic building blocks of living organisms, are unique to life. These building blocks are called biomolecules.
Biomolecules have been selected by organisms during many years of biological evolution to perform their intrinsic cellular functions.

The human body reacts physically and mentally to various stimuli received from the environment to harmonize and adjust to the environment.
This is to maintain physical and mental stability. This function is called self-regulation or natural healing.
What I appreciate most is that I can live healthy every day.
In order to maintain a healthy body, it is necessary to raise and maintain "biological homeostasis".
To do this, you have to believe that "You create and protect your own health.”
Vitamins and active ingredients can fully demonstrate its effects when taken in combination than when taken alone.
ORTHO is a well-balanced combination of various vitamins and essential ingredients for health, centering on vitamin B12, a neuro vitamin. It can be said that it is a revolution in health that enhances the homeostasis of the body and helps you create your own health.

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