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There is a new method called Correctional psychiatry (Ortho Molecular Medical Science).
It is a medical science that considers living organisms at the molecular level, cures diseases by the nutritional balance of cells such as vitamins and minerals, and maintains healthy bodies.
“Ortho Products” are made based on this.
Lifestyle-related diseases cannot be completely cured by medicine or surgery.
Because all diseases are caused by the degeneration of the body itself.
Just by improving your diet, you can reduce heart disease by 30% and reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol easily.
Health foods should help people survive by enhancing their natural healing powers.
Organic compounds, the basic building blocks of living organisms, are unique to life. These building blocks are called biomolecules.
Biomolecules have been selected by organisms during many years of biological evolution to perform their intrinsic cellular functions.

The human body reacts physically and mentally to various stimuli received from the environment to harmonize and adjust to the environment.
This is to maintain physical and mental stability. This function is called self-regulation or natural healing.
What I appreciate most is that I can live healthy every day.
In order to maintain a healthy body, it is necessary to raise and maintain “biological homeostasis”.
To do this, you have to believe that “You create and protect your own health.”
Vitamins and active ingredients can fully demonstrate its effects when taken in combination than when taken alone.
ORTHO is a well-balanced combination of various vitamins and essential ingredients for health, centering on vitamin B12, a neuro vitamin. It can be said that it is a revolution in health that enhances the homeostasis of the body and helps you create your own health.

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