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It is a Peptide extracted from the Northern fur seal muscle by a special method and is said to be the best protein source with high protein value containing 18 kinds of amino-acid (contain all the essential amino acids).
Since ancient times, fur seal meat has been highly valued as a strong stimulant, and there is a record that it has been also used by Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Recently, fur seals are protected under the International Convention for the Protection of Wild Fauna and Flora, and fishing by ordinary fishermen is prohibited under Japanese law. A small number of seals are caught for the purpose of resource research and sold to private companies.

Callopeptide provides a much better function of physiological activity compared to other peptides.

Callopeptide Amino acid composition
Amino acid content w/w%
Arginine 3.57 Isoleucine 2.95 Glutamic Acid 9.78
Lysine 5.84 Methionine 1.75 Serine 2.45
Histidine 1.76 Valine 3.57 Threonine 3.07
Phenylalanine 2.41 Alanine 5.04 Aspartic Acid 5.56
Tyrosine 1.78 Glycine 4.47 Tryptophan 0.29
Leucine 6.64 Proline 3.38 Cystine 0.17

Main Functions

  1. It dilates capillaries and promotes metabolism.
    (It is highly effective in enhancing the function of the neonate and increasing the vitality of aging and diseased tissues)
  2. It lowers blood pressure.
  3. It is effective in restoring liver function and increases detoxification.
  4. Analgesic effect.
  5. Beauty effect.
    (Vasodilator action – blood circulation improvement – metabolism of the skin activates – cornification phenomenon is smoothly carried out. It makes the skin elastic and moisturized.)
  6. Anti-aging effect.
    (It is effective to activate the function of cells and keep them young. Eskimos, who live on fur seals, have less arteriosclerosis and cerebral infarction.)
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