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Since the discovery of the vitamin as a specific medicine for pernicious anemia, it has been called “Red Vitamin” due to its vivid color.
Since then, its role in the functions of the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system has attracted attention as a “neuro-vitamin”. It has also been found to play a major role in activating the immune system. It is a vitamin that has been attracting a lot of attention in recent years because of its wide range of functions.

Also, excluding a very few exceptions, vitamin B12 is only present in animal food products, which can cause a deficiency in extreme vegetarians.

Main Functions

  1. Prevents pernicious anemia
    Vitamin B12 works with folic acid to help make red blood cells and prevent pernicious anemia.
  2. Maintain the function of the nervous system
    This supplement helps the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acid in nerve cells and makes the nerve system function normally.
  3. Enhance the ability to concentrate
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